ABS pipes

ABS pipe engineering plastic pipe diameter: de12 de16 de20 de32 de40 de50 de63 de75 de90 de110 de125 de140 de160 de180 de200 de225 de250 de280 de315 de355 de400

Pressure: PN0.4MPa PN0.5MPa PN0.7MPa PN0.7mpa PN1.1MPa PN1.38MPa PN1.75MPa PN2.2MPa

Note: The above data is based on MRS Value of 14MPa; C is 1.6

PN0.32MPa PN0.45MPa PN0.6MPa PN0.8MPa PN1.0MPa PN1.2MPa PN1.5MPa PN2.0MPa

Note: The above data is based on MRS Value of 14MPa; The C value is 1.86

Executive standard editing

GB/T 20207.1-2006 acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene (ABS) pressure piping systems - Part 1: Pipes

Working pressure

Working pressure can be up to 0.6-1.12Mpa, high working pressure; The operating temperature range is -20℃ -- 70℃.

Installation method

ABS plastic pipe installation adopts spigot type connection, sealed with solvent adhesive.

Product feature editing

ABS plastic pipe flow friction is small, greatly reduce the fluid resistance and pump horsepower, good impact resistance, good mechanical strength and high; Impact toughness, only ductile deformation occurs when subjected to sudden attack.

Product advantage

ABS plastic tube ratio is 1/7 of steel to reduce the weight of the structure; Low fluid resistance; Stable chemical performance, good sealing performance; Plastic pipe reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces the intensity of labor, and greatly saves the investment of the project. The construction is simple and good, the curing speed is fast, the bonding strength is high, and the running and leaking phenomenon of the general pipeline is avoided.

Application field

ABS plastic pipe can be used indoors for decades, such as buried underground or water life will be longer. ABS plastic pipe can be used in pharmaceutical and food industries, does not change the water quality, will not form secondary pollution.