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ABS tube performance characteristics and usage precautions

Industry news
2019/03/19 15:33
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ABS pipe is a building material with excellent performance, mainly used in drainage, petrochemical industrial pipelines, environmental protection industry, pure water system and so on. This kind of pipe is generally light ivory, very good in sealing, and light in weight and low in liquid resistance. It is an ideal water pipe. Many people may not understand the performance and characteristics of the ABS tube. The following is a small series for everyone to introduce:


First, the performance characteristics of ABS tube:

(1) The density is small and the quality is light.


(2) It has high impact strength and surface hardness, and can maintain toughness, firmness and rigidity in the range of -40-100 °C.


(3) Good chemical resistance and high tensile strength.


(4) The surface is smooth, has excellent anti-deposition property, and can maintain heat, does not cause oil to solidify, slagging and block the pipeline.


(5) When subjected to high yield stress, it can be restored to its original size without damage.


(6) It has extremely high toughness and heat preservation performance, which can avoid damage due to transportation loading and unloading under severe cold weather conditions.


(7) It has better thermal stability than PVC pipe and PE pipe, and can be used as a pipe with a higher working temperature.


Second, ABS tube use precautions:

In view of the above characteristics, ABS pipes are often used as pipes for sanitary ware, sewage pipes, gas pipes, underground electrical pipes, etc., and are also suitable for buried pipelines, and can replace pipes such as stainless steel pipes and steel pipes. The use temperature should be below 90 °C.


Due to the poor heat transfer of the ABS tube, it is easy to cause thermal expansion and contraction, and it is easy to deform and bend when heated. Especially when the sun erection is exposed to sunlight, this problem should be considered, such as adding carbon black to the ABS pipe, or adding a fixed point when erecting the pipe to avoid deformation and leakage.


The connection of the ABS pipe can be made by a glued socket connection. For pipe joints with other materials, transition interfaces such as threads, flanges or threaded nipples can be used. However, since the ABS pipe cannot be threaded, the threaded connection should be made of injection-molded pipe fittings.