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Why does the PC lampshade crack?

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2019/03/19 15:32
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Many LED fluorescent lamp manufacturers will have cracks in the production process and in the process of aging of fluorescent lamps. Now I will analyze the causes of this crack. For your reference.


The PC material is originally a high molecular polymer, and its toughness is often good. In the range of normal material properties, the proportion of PC molecules cracking is small, that is to say, the PC material cracking phenomenon is small. So why is the current PC? There is cracking in the lampshade. The main reason is that the structure of the PC molecular chain is damaged and the molecular chain is broken. The product is cracked or cracked on the surface. The factors affecting the molecular chain structure are as follows:


1: Environmental factors.

Acid-alkaline environment, strong ultraviolet light, high and low temperature effects (please refer to the PC material environmental characteristics table for details), so pay special attention to the environmental impact during the use process.


2: the role of stress

There are two kinds of stress effects: one, the shape of the product itself, the size of the mold itself, and the stress generated by the demoulding. Second, the stress given by the outside world to the product.


Then, when the product is designed, the stress caused by the structure will directly affect the product. This kind of damage should be caused to the molecular chain under the long-term self-action, so the surface cracking will appear.


Needless to say, the external application will break as long as the external stress is greater than the energy that the product molecular chain can withstand.


3: Use of secondary materials.

The product is repeatedly produced and used under the constant high temperature, the molecules of the product will fission. The molecular chain will break and crack. From high-grade substances to low-level substances, the materials become brittle.


4: Use of material fillers.

The PC itself is a high molecular polymer that is molecularly linked into a number of elastic network structures. If the filler is used or the size of the filled molecular weight does not match. Then the flexible mesh structure of the PC is filled with other molecular structural substances. Therefore, the toughness of the product is destroyed. The role between the molecules is also reduced, and cracking occurs. If the molecular weight of the filler does not match the PC itself, then the joint between the surface of the filler molecule and the PC molecule will be Unevenness. The surface of the whole product looks like a poor gloss, and there will be uneven surfaces, so that the surface tension of the entire product surface will be uneven, thus accelerating the surface cracking of the product. (This is used in the use of PC light-expanding materials. Fully embodied, the same product, one material used is PC light-expanding material, and one is made of PC transparent material and light-filling agent. The products produced by these two materials start to look good and the effect is not good. Up and down, but the time is slightly longer than 1 year, the effect will change significantly. The material of the light-enhancing agent will obviously turn yellow and the surface of the material will start to crack).


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